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“Do or do not, …

“Do or do not, there is no try.”-Yoda

This is a notion first introduced to me in the early 80’s during my deep plunge into Erhard Seminars Training (EST). Although often categorized as a cult of sorts, ‘the training’ as it was known then, is possibly the coolest experience of my life so far.

I was 23 and thirsty for any knowledge that might lead me to greater self awareness, but also for anything that was richly experiential. I was living in Victoria BC at the time, and working as a carpenter picking up odd bits of work. At the same time I was acting with the Fernwood Community Theater, a member of a comedy troupe called ‘The Frenetics’ playing old folks homes, making rudimentary film shorts and doing voice over work. Summers were spent sailing the local waters, hanging with great friends and living from day to day.

All of that changed when at 25 I left Victoria, the town I had spent most of my childhood, for Europe to eventually settle in Greece on the island of Kerkira (Corfu). Now, nearly 30 years later that place still tugs me, fills my dreams with images and language from that time, and I am blessed with distant friendships that remain strong to this day.

This is the effect they say, that travel will have on the soul. “Go” they say, and some do, but others are defeated by the apparent enormity of the great unknown. 

When facing the shimmering void there is no ‘try’, there is only ‘do’ or ‘not do’. And there is no shame in any of it but for one’s own judgement of self.